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Springing from a love of outdoor parties, The Arabian Tent Company was founded in 2004 by Katherine Hudson. The magic of festivals and marquee parties captured Katherine's imagination, soon she was hooked and decided she had to try and put on her own event.

After searching for a suitable party tent, and finding nothing but white PVC marquees, Katherine realised she would have to try a little harder if she wanted to do something truly special.

Now determined to find the perfect party marquee and with a gap in the UK market found, Katherine set off on her quest to Morocco to talk to a man about a tent...

The Moroccan tent Katherine first bought (and infamously drove back to the UK strapped to the roof of her van) may not have been anything compared with the wondrous interiors The Arabian Tent Company boasts today, but it was the beginning of something new and different, and word soon spread throughout the party world and people all over the UK started to book the marquee for all sorts of festivals, parties and events.  

The more tented parties Katherine put on, the more her inspiration grew. Soon she decided to design her own marquee linings and collected cushions and furniture, ornaments and feathers, candles and lanterns to adorn the interiors.

This was how the Arabian Tent Company was born, how it grew, and (for the most part) how it continues to grow today and now in November 2014 these magical environments are available for parties in Australia from Sydney to Melbourne.

Now with the largest collection of unique marquees available anywhere in the country, a wonderful team of creative and skilled marquee crew, drapers and event specialists and a whole lot of passion and attention to detail, The Arabian Tent Company are proud to be bringing their magical marquees, cosy furniture and interesting props and furnishings to some of the most spectacular parties in Australia.

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The Arabian Tent company was born out of a love of festivals and outdoor parties. Visit our festival marquee section to find out more.